Primary Care

Alameda Hospital physicians offer primary care that focuses on you, the patient. That means our patient-centered care is responsive to patient and family needs, preferences, culture, and values. Our goal is to ensure that the patient’s values guide health care decisions.

We provide thoughtful care, when and how it is needed. We keep you healthy and we help you get better when you are sick. We help you manage your conditions more effectively.

And we’ve got a host of ways to accomplish that:

  • Personalized, individual care for chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and arthritis
  • Hospital follow-up care
  • Care of acute illnesses such as infections and sprains
  • Preventive health care
  • Linkage to specialty services and hospital care as needed
  • Chronic disease management 
  • Immunizations and TB tests
  • Health coaching for weight loss, good diet, and regular medication-taking
  • Team-style organization of providers, medical assistants, and registration clerks who work together to provide excellent care

For more information about our primary care physicians, please call our Physician Referral Service at (510) 522-7058, email: