Food & Nutrition

Inpatient Nutrition Services

Proper nutrition is essential in treatment and recovery during your hospital stay. The registered dietitians at Alameda Hospital function as members of an interdisciplinary care team to provide food and nutrition services, monitor medical nutrition therapy, and ensure that each patient’s nutrition care plan meets individualized needs.

Menus can be customized to fit any diet order and to satisfy patient preferences within that order. Our registered dietitians also work closely with other hospital departmental services to ensure that each patient’s nutrition plan is carried out and followed. They are available to answer your questions regarding your or a family member’s medical nutrition therapy and care.

Contact the Clinical Dietitian at 510-814-4024.

Outpatient Nutrition Services

Nutrition is a key component of good health. Medical nutrition therapy is a way of assessing a person’s nutrition needs, and developing and carrying out a comprehensive, individualized nutrition plan. Outpatient nutrition counseling appointments are available with a doctor’s referral and many insurance companies will cover these visits. The Outpatient Dietitian at Alameda Hospital is trained to counsel patients with a variety of nutritionally related concerns including (but not limited to) diabetes, weight loss, high cholesterol, hypertension, kidney disease and cancer.

Contact the Outpatient Dietitian at 510-814-4609.

Alameda Hospital Food Service

Along with providing quality meals during your stay, the Alameda Hospital Café is open: 7 a.m.1:45 p.m. Monday-Friday offering a variety of meals to satisfy your appetite while visiting the hospital.

Contact the Food Services Department at 510-814-4088.

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