Emergency Services

Alameda Hospital’s skilled Emergency Care Center physicians and nurses are on duty 24 hours a day to handle urgent care and emergency situations from any point in Alameda, fully ready to rapidly assess and triage arriving patients.

When every minute counts, the Emergency Care Center is the closest choice for anyone in Alameda looking for urgent care or an emergency room. Serving our community since 1969, we are staffed to provide exceptional service with 24-hour access to the latest technologies.

Our emergency personnel each year treat over 17,000 patients of all ages with conditions ranging from urgent to life-threatening situations.

With a below-average wait time, we are committed to:

  • Rapid assessment
  • Stabilizing the patient
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Effective pain control
  • Coordination of care

Our Specialty is Caring for You

At our Emergency Care Center, you’re in highly capable hands with 12 board-certified emergency physicians and more than 35 registered nurses experienced in emergency, trauma, and critical care.
Our nurses, professionals specifically trained to care for your emergency health needs, have access to the latest medical technologies to treat injuries and illness – and they never forget the importance of the human touch.

Our response to your emergency is immediate and comprehensive. For patients arriving by ambulance, we communicate with paramedics on their way to our emergency center to ensure that we are fully prepared to treat the patient upon arrival. This helps us to speed diagnosis and treatment.

In the emergency center, we have ready access to language translators and equipment for the hearing-impaired, which allows us to accommodate special needs.

As a member of Alameda Health System, we are affiliated with Highland Hospital’s nationally renowned Emergency Medical Service providing some of the world’s most advanced and skilled care.

Convenient Alameda Location

Remember, when you call 911, Alameda Hospital is your best and closest choice. And no matter how you get to the hospital, the Emergency Care Center is a short drive from anywhere in Alameda.