Medicare and HBOT

While there are numerous uses for HBOT, Medicare will only provide insurance coverage for these patients with the following conditions:

  • Diabetic wounds of the lower extremity (following 30 days of standard wound therapy)Chronic Refractory Osteomyelitis/Osteoradionecrosis:
    • Type I or Type II diabetic
    • Wagner Grade III+
  • Soft Tissue Radionecrosis
  • Compressed Skin Grafts and Flaps
  • Acute Peripheral Arterial Insufficiency
  • Acute Traumatic Peripheral Ischemia
  • Progressive Necrotizing Infections
  • Actinomycosis
  • Crush Injuries/Suturing of Severed Limbs (Acute)
  • Gas Gangrene (Acute)
  • Gas Embolism
  • Acute Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • Cyanide Poisoning
  • Decompression Sickness