Kate Creedon and Alameda Hospital

Kate CreedonWith the same pioneering and determined spirit that a local registered nurse summoned in 1894 to found the first hospital in the East Bay, the institution that it eventually grew into, Alameda Hospital, has established another first on the island: a state-of-the-art wound care center complete with hyperbaric oxygen therapy facilities. The name of that founding nurse was Kate Creedon, and she is the visionary for whom this new center for advanced wound care is named.

Nurse Creedon graduated from St. Luke’s Hospital in San Francisco and returned to her home in Alameda at a time when conditions under which medicine was practiced there could be considered rudimentary at best. Out of great concern for the health and welfare of her community, Kate Creedon was determined to elevate the level of professional, quality care available, so she converted part of a small house into Alameda’s first real operating room equipped with a surgical table.

Creedon NursesSoon after, with the help of her sisters, Margaret and Mae, along with another nurse, S. Wisdom, and some area physicians, she started a six-room hospital on San Jose Street and called it the Alameda Sanatorium. Later, the Alameda Sanatorium expanded and moved to Clinton Street, where it became Alameda Hospital.

Today, Alameda Hospital is a 281-bed facility that includes 100 acute care, 35 sub-acute, and 146 skilled nursing beds across the main hospital’s Clinton Street campus, Waters Edge long term care home and South Shore Convalescent Home. The hospital also runs a 1206b Community Clinic in the South Shore Shopping Plaza, and now the advanced wound care center located in the Marina Village area of Alameda.

Creedon and Alameda

The passion for excellence and dedication to healing, recovery, and community that Kate Creedon exemplified when she established that very first modern medical facility in Alameda nearly 120 years ago, all serve as the foundation on which this new high-technology advanced wound care center is built today. We honor her legacy and the traditions of the hospital she founded by naming our newest facility, designed to provide patients the best possible treatment of chronic and persistent wounds, the Kate Creedon Center for Advanced Wound Care.