Getting Started

Step One: The Referral

There are two ways to get an appointment with us. You can either get a referral from your primary care doctor, or you can get your appointment via self-referral.

Please see below for details and forms you need to get started.

Primary Care Physician Referral

If your primary care physician feels that we may be able to help you, and she or he knows about us, you may be given instructions to see us in order to treat your orthopaedic condition. If your doctor hasn’t heard of the Bay Area Bone & Joint Center, you can always ask him or her to check us out on this website. We’re also available by phone at 510-52-BONES (510-522-6637), or you can contact us via our online contact form by clicking here.

Please click on one of the buttons below to download a referral form, then have your doctor complete the form. Send it to us by fax at 510-749-0975, bring it with you when you visit the center, or call us at 510-52-BONES to make other arrangements.

Referral Word


You are able to be seen by one of our physicians by coming here on your own. If you have health insurance, we can assist you with verification of eligibility and benefits to make sure that you are covered for the types of services we offer. Payment is expected at the time services are rendered, so if you do not have health insurance, please contact us to explore options that may be available to you.

Click Here for more information on Self-Referral health insurance coverage.